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Let me introduce myself, my name is Ben and photography has always been my passion. I particularly enjoy photographing people and portraits especially when they convey a story.

This is where my love for doing photo shoots of; weddings, parties and events was born. From early on I was always that family member with the camera in hand ready to take those candid memorable snaps of everyone, alongside taking those special shots home to edit them to create some unique and quirky photos.

Over the years the practice and experience I gained through amateur photography allowed me to develop my expertise into a career. Adapting my skills of charisma and organisation have allowed me to work well with large groups of people, but also more intimate occasions to build a portfolio of memories that my clients can enjoy forever.

             The experience I gained as a children and family entertainer has given me the confidence to work with children, such as photographing children’s parties and one on one parent/ child photography. 

              Anyway, don’t let me talk you to death let my work do the talking for me. Have a look through my portfolio and you can decide if I am the guy for you. If so, get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

If you feel a connection to my work, I’d love to hear about your plans! 

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